Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tweet of the Day

So I have been thinking, "how can I contribute a little slice of what I find to be the most interesting tweets or articles I read all day?" Of course, the natural answer is to simply retweet those profound words of wisdom or thought-provoking articles. Well, I was looking for a little better way to keep track of these daily educational gems, so I spawned my own hashtag, #MrD-ToD.

Now, I acknowledge that I lack a few creative bones in my body and am barely original. However, I'd like to think my hashtag is fairly self explanatory and should be easy to follow. If you happen by chance to be the other person (besides myself of course) following this hashtag, you can expect to read some pretty excellent daily musings, most educational in nature.

Contrary to popular belief, I do perform a bit of research prior to jumping into things of this nature. I don't want to be that, guy that just created the 2,096,521st "Tweet of the Day" for education. Much to my surprise, I found nobody else providing something of the like. Well, guess I am a bit original today. Up, up, and away with Mr. Dooley's Tweet (s) of the Day!