Sunday, December 25, 2011

Principalm for School Administrators

Anybody running Principalm software for student data management system on the go? Well I am!  I must say, for the price we paid (roughly $1k for our 1k students), we sure get a lot of bang for that buck.  I run Principalm on my LG Revolution smartphone (android powered) and boy is it smooth.  At the drop of the hat, I have student schedules, lockers, health conditions, parking info, grades, attendance, and discipline history at the ready.  Oh, and did I mention a 4" picture of the student!?

I think so highly of the software that we provided it to all three campus supervisors on older Palm handheld devices.  They use it to deliver student notices, check attendance/truancy records, learn student names/pictures, and the like.  This software has given us all the ability to have the majority of our student data management system on the go.  I have absolutely no complaints thus far, and am looking forward to expanding its' use elsewhere on campus (as well as connecting through an Infinite Campus back door - I currently have to download Ad Hoc reports if I want updated info, my only minor issue).

Lastly, it is important to make a note that the data is secure, even on my smartphone.  It is password protected, and it is setup to wipe the data at the third incorrect password attempt.  There are some additional security features but I never plan on letting my phone out of my view.

If you are an administrator looking at the software as an option for your campus, feel free to ask questions...