Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Students & Twitter: Part II

To follow up on my first blog post about Students & Twitter, students succeeded at implementing twtpolls to collect opinion-based data from their peers on various topics. After this short Twitter assignment, students completed this WebQuest. Changes made to the WebQuest included utilizing Google Docs to create a presentation (much like PowerPoint) demonstrating their perspective on their Computer Ethics, as well as integrating Twitter.

A few student groups integrated twtpolls, while others searched for tweets containing opinions to back up their own. One group found an expert that provided excellent information about Bluetooth and WiFi for inclusion in their presentation.

Overall, the WebQuest assignment was pretty successful. I would have liked to have seen greater Twitter integration at completing the assignment, but I have to remember these students are novice tweeters. Keeping this in mind, they did a great job.