Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FETC & Professional Development

As I wrote in my previous blog post, I am taking on the responsibility of creating my own self-paced Professional Development plan. In keeping within my own goal for PD, I decided to attend the 2009 FETC Virtual Conference. This is my first attendance at an all online conference, and I'm excited to see how it turns out. FETC touts the following benefits, which are the main reasons I decided to attend:
There are no travel expenses. No lines. No substitutes to schedule. No funding approval needed.
A 100% FREE education technology conference? I don't need a substitute? I don't need to create lesson plans? I don't need to stand in line? FREE? What other reasons do teachers need to attend this conference? How about the fact that teachers can experience
  • A dynamic exchange of best practices and tips for success.
  • Expert speakers sharing their views in an effective, interactive way.
  • A virtual networking lounge to reconnect with colleagues and make new contacts.
  • Real-time access to other participants through instant messaging.
  • Technology product and service demonstrations in our virtual exhibit hall.
  • Free content downloads and presentations to go.
I encourage all those that have not signed up for attendance to do so - Register Here. I'm looking forward to experiencing the virtual environment of this conference in combination with learning some new technology integration tools! See you "there."