Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Professional Development: self-paced plan

My school has decided to take Professional Development to a different place this year, and have allowed all teachers to create a self-directed plan. The Curriculum & Staff Development chair reviewed the following resources with the staff, and then provided a self-directed proposal form for us to submit for review.
Article about PD & Technology
Professional Development Standards from NSDC
Keeping this article and Standards in mind, I have decided that my self-directed plan will be directed to the newest Computer Science course that I am teaching - Web 2.0. My self-directed plan will include the following:

Develop and implement the Web 2.0 course curriculum map by attending conferences and developing a Professional Learning Network through the use of Web 2.0 tools (Twitter, FaceBook, etc.). Course learning objectives and curriculum map will be derived from my own Web 2.0 learning; feedback will be provided by my PLN and reflections on content will be posted on my professional blog at http://mrdooley.blogspot.com.

How will this improve student learning?
Student learning will be improved by the implementation of current and future Web 2.0 tools (rather than out-dated and “unexciting” ones). By attending conferences and utilizing my PLN, I will be sure to expose students the latest, most cutting-edge educational Web 2.0 tools to enrich their future academic careers.

National Middle School Association 2009 Conference – attend workshops that focus on the teaching and administration of Web 2.0 tools.
Computer-Using Educators 2010 Conference – attend workshops focusing on cutting-edge web-based educational tools to include in curriculum map. Attain specific examples and authentic assessments to be used with the web-based tools.
PLN Utilization – attain new Web 2.0 ideas/content/assessments/tools from my network of other technologically advanced teachers, administrators, and technology coordinators.
Blog – reflect on new Web 2.0 ideas/content/assessments/tools through my professional blog.

Updates, ideas, curricular goals, and reflections regarding this self-directed plan will posted in my blog under the PD2010 tag.

If you're trying to find me on various Web 2.0 apps, here is a list of my Web 2.0 Usernames:











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