Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Students & Twitter - Part I

A few days ago, I introduced the explosively-popular micro-blogging tool Twitter to my Web 2.o class. Upon creating accounts, downloading TweetDeck, and toying with our settings, we began down the micro-blogging path exploring Twitter's usefulness.

I relayed the importance of developing a quality community of followers and the equally important task of who the students should follow. I recommended politicians, some celebrities, sports starts, companies, and the like. Students then went on to find their own, some more useful than others (I suppose that's the point for them, though, to customize Twitter for their own liking). I was surprised when students found other teachers on campus (only because I could not imagine these "old-timers" using Twitter!) and was amazed at their ability to be completely engaged with the task-at-hand.

Today's Twitter experiment involved students tweeting education-related articles from the Internet. Their instructions were to find a relevant article pertaining to education, utilize TweetDeck to shorten the URL, and to tweet the article with a short description, all while including our class hashtag.

Here are some of the more interesting articles:

2 Year Study to Learn What Makes Teachers Good
CollegeQuad - College Tweets
U.N. Position Paper on Technology
Why is Education so Important?
Listening to Music Helps Students be More Productive
Next class we'll be attempting Twitter Polls via, stay tuned!

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