Monday, March 8, 2010

Computer-Using Educators (CUE) 2010 Conference

This past weekend, I attended the CUE 2010 Conference in Palm Springs, CA. The trip afforded me some much needed time to do some extended professional learning in the comfort of an EdTech conference. I drove in early Friday morning and missed Thursday's events as well as the keynote (hey, you have to love that 5am Los Angeles traffic right!?). I immediately went to my first session and began learning about Moodle in the Web2.0 class. All of my sessions went extremely well and I gained a ton of new knowledge.

My main goal for attending this conference was to gain some insight into the latest Web 2.0 tools that others were integrating in their classes. Below is my summary of sessions attended as well as some additional notes/sites/resources that I pulled from the #CUE10 hashtag via Twitter (link opens in a link). Feel free to offer up feedback and any questions you might have. If you'd just like to visit my Delicious Bookmark feed for CUE10, click here.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom
A presentation that discussed how to go about integrating Web 2.0 in your classes. Presenter talked about collaboration, presentations, reading & writing, and provided some resources for future learning goals for teachers.

CUE Unplugged
This wiki was used for CUE's informal "Unplugged" sessions. I bookmarked this for future reading, and thought it was a good enough resource to pass along to other EdTech folks. Some great presentations from politics to online field trips to the perfect classroom.

Welcome to C3
Collect, Connect, Coach (C3). This is a source for administrators that are tired of checking teacher observation boxes; using this iPhone app allows for quicker and easier walkthroughs. Produce charts and other data without syncing.

Teach with the Touch - CUE
Ever seen the iPod Touch being used to teach in the classroom? Well, if you've got a Touch, navigate to this site (mobile version for quicker loading on mobile devices), and check out what you can do!

Extreme Makeover: by Steve Dembo
Presentation by Discovery Education's Steve Dembo. You can get a general understanding of his presentation from the Prezi - just think outside the box.

What a nice app this is. Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a map using locations of users. Here is a Google Spreadsheet of Twitter Educators that I turned into a Map:

iPod Flash Cards
Flash cards on an iPod? Yes, that's right! Check out Mr. Coley's site - he has templates that free for students/teachers to use to create flash cards that drop onto the iPod for studying!

Dr. Arnie Abrams
Handouts from Dr. Abrams' sessions at CUE 2010.

Test Your Knowledge With Trivia Games
A website that allows students to show their knowledge by creating a game on any topic of their choice. What better way to get students involved, quizzing each other using technology?

Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
Wow. Web 2.0 tools broken down by type, with examples and descriptions. This might be the best list I've seen in a very long time. Definitely worth a look.

Web 2.0
Animoto video from a Web 2.0 session. Can't recall where it was used, but good source when introducing the topic to students.
Presentations from the Digital Goonies crew from CUE2010. Topics included Web 2.0 "hot" and "cool" applications, Google Earth, and Geocaching.

Florida Center for Instructional Technology
Another great resources for technology in the classroom. Links to clipart, lessons, maps, etc. Broken down by subject as well.

Poems and stories in MP3 format. Can anybody say iPod friendly? Extend your classroom.

On-Line Technology Tutorials From Around the World Wide Web
From Internet for Classrooms - tons of tutorials for most applications out there. A valuable tool for teachers when learning a new applicaiton.

Wallpapers, animated gifs and cliparts
Does this need a description?
Great presentation from Colin Matheson on the integration of Moodle at school sites. He's also on Twitter as @cytochromec.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
Online meeting application. Adobe product, probably works great, but not free.

Google Notes from CUE
A fellow attendee took some notes on his Google sessions. Feel free to browse his whole blog, he had numerous notes with a LOT of tips/tricks.

Google Workshop for Educators
The official "Google for Educators" session. I did not attend, but there is some excellent stuff at this site.