Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reflection Week 3

Thursday, January 28th

A colleague gave a great presentation on decision-making. This helped me to think and reflect on how I make everyday decisions, something I have really never given much thought to. Her presentation included the idea of not making knee-jerk decisions. Instead, letting teachers mull the problem over will help them develop their own solutions and ideas. Often times, not providing a decision right away helps others to think for themselves (obviously, there are times where a decision is needed right away).

We moved on to the Changing Role of Principal, where I presented this Prezi presentation:

The presentation was designed to look back on previous thinking of leadership in education, in order to move towards a new theory. This new theory looks at educational leadership as a craft-like science that requires administrators to have a multitude of answers for one problem, migrating away from the "one size fits all" mentality. You can download the presentation notes here.

I learned a lot from doing this presentation and associated research. As it turns out, I think this new theory of educational leadership is deeply rooted in common sense. Does it make sense to include stakeholders in the decision-making process? Does it make sense to discuss why it is important for teachers to meet their expectations, and to include them in making those expectations?