Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twitter & TweetDeck

I have recently started tweeting again and have connected with numerous teachers and administrators across the U.S. I honestly never saw a point to twitter until recently. You see, I am currently taking courses in the Educational Leadership M.Ed. program at UNLV. I often have assignments that involve interviewing administrators and twitter has allowed me to "tweet" with the brightest minds across the nation. To me, this is a huge advantage as all I have to do is perform a simple twitter search and find numerous results. Most people on twitter have been happy to help me out and have provide excellent insight as to how schools are run outside of Las Vegas valley.

Not completely enjoying the "web-based" environment of twitter, I found TweetDeck.com. Upon downloading and logging in to my twitter account, I was greated with this UI:

If you're looking to simplify your twitter experience, I strongly suggest looking into TweetDeck. You will notice that it puts your Friends' tweets, your Replies, and your Direct Messages into three easy to follow columns. You even have the ability to TwitPics, shorten URLs, and perform twitter searches all inside of TweetDeck. I will never have to log in to the website again...

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I can be found on twitter as MrDooley and usually tweet with hashtags such as #edutech, #education, #teacher, and #teaching.