Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is the United Kingdom on to something?

In an article from The Guardian, secondary education may have a new look in the very near future. The proposal is to change the 13 standalone subjects to 6 core "learning areas:"
"The proposed curriculum, which would mark the biggest change to primary schooling in a decade, strips away hundreds of specifications about the scientific, geographical and historical knowledge pupils must accumulate before they are 11 to allow schools greater flexibility in what they teach.

It emphasizes traditional areas of learning - including phonics, the chronology of history and mental arithmetic - but includes more modern media and web-based skills as well as a greater focus on environmental education."

Could we learn something from this? It definitely shows that there is some thinking as to how education should evolve and become parallel with technology. This may not be the exact solution, but I am impressed with the logic behind the proposal. Thoughts?