Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Phone call with parent at the end of the day - tough call?

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Today I decided to take a risk, and end my day with a parent phone call. Now, I'm not really a pessimist but I strive to follow up on all parent messages in the am hours. I think that's when I'm at my best and when I have the clearest mindset of the day. Today was different, and I needed to talk with a parent as I was unable to call this morning. So I dialed the phone; boy was I surprised when the parent picked up and we had one heckuva a positive dialogue. This parent even took the time and energy to tell me how well our school had not only prepared her oldest student years prior, but to tell us how she appreciates everything we have done for her current student. She shared the great news about the prestigious institution her student was just accepted to and I could almost see her smile through the phone. I must admit, I could not be happier to end my day with a phone call like that. I'm packing it in, as I couldn't end the day on a better note.