Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting caught up...

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So I have been completely caught up with my Curriculum & Instruction position to do any blogging over the course of this school year. I've had a lot to say, but just have not put in the work to document my thoughts in my blog! On the flip side, it has been quite a nice break as I've been able to focus more on my site and provide individual facetime with my teachers, which I firmly believe is appreciated. It has allowed me the time to share my thoughts, more focused thoughts, with my PLN via Twitter and Google+. That is an important realization for me as I comfortably understand it is extremely tough to balance my online professional learning environment with my mortar and bricks one. I think of +Eric Sheninger and how the world he does it (still wondering, let me know if you have the secret!), all the while writing a book! Maybe I'm just too caught up and need to accept the idea of what I do best - striking a comfortable balance? I like that. I know what I excel at. I know what I need more guided practice at. I am okay with that. This will always give me comfort in knowing what I do well is appreciated, and will always push me to improve elsewhere. Simple thoughts for a Tuesday, I know.