Monday, August 5, 2013

AVID Summer Institute 2013: Day 1

So...I'm in San Diego for some professional development with my staff, all revolving around our first go at implementing AVID this year.  I must say, this Summer Institute sure has started with a bang.  We got together first thing this AM with a bunch of other districts in our Site Teams (basically all of us from our site). We had a nice overview of the AVID system, an overview of what to expect in our Site Team meetings, and then had some great intellectually stimulating conversation focused on student achievement.

I then had the great pleasure to attend the strand titled Leadership Implementation (High School) facilitated by Brett Bowers and Lise Reilly.  We eased into the topic, our facilitators getting an idea of where attendees were at in relation to AVID comfort-level.  We moved on to discussing a number of ideas/thoughts. Without providing my detailed notes, I've captured some visualizations for those that would rather watch or view (like myself!). My biggest takeaway from day 1:
Question: how can you prevent AVID from being 'just another thing on someone's plate?'
Answer: AVID is THE PLATE!  Everything else spills over and fills the holes...
If you are interested in following along, I'm tweeting some of my "a-ha's" and other important takeaways via Twitter, with the hashtag #AVIDIS13.

2012 AVID Summer Institute Speaker:

11 Essentials of AVID: these are small screenshots of our work, comment for larger versions