Friday, March 27, 2009

How Important Are Teachers?

What are your perceptions of the impact teachers have on their students? Positive? Negative? Or are you a tweener? Regardless of your answer, most would agree that teachers have a significant influence on students' lives. Upon reading Ed Shepherd's article at his 'Learning to Collaborate blog,' it is so true that

Effective teachers can motivate and inspire children to reach their potential even when they don't want to or feel that they can.
With this said, we would be naive and foolish to think that ineffective teachers don't have the same (but opposite) affect.

Ineffective teachers can also impact a child just as much, but in a negative manner. Both types of teachers have an immediate impact on a child's perception of self, good or bad.
Seeing this on a daily basis in my classroom helps reinforce the issue at hand. All teachers should remember the importance that their words and actions have - stay positive and motivate students to always do their best. You will be surprised at which kids rise to meet the challenge...

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