Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tek dads rule!

Okay, I'm officially a dad as my son is now 8 weeks old. During all of the sleepless nights, my mind tends to wonder off into tek-land as I think about documenting Ethan's latest milestone on the Internet and sharing it with the family.

As a tek dad (that's right, I just coined this phrase at slanginsider.com!), I strive to document Ethan's life with various Web 2.0 apps. This allows me to keep our family members (living abroad) connected to his photos, his growing weight and height, and even share some videos with them I otherwise would not be able to. I have found some pretty excellent resources along the way and I want to share them with anybody who wishes to be a tek dad as well (or mom for that matter!):

Tumblon: do you want to track your child's milestones, blog about them, and share them with your family? If you do, this site is for you. It is in it's Beta form but it still is a pretty good resource. Tumblon gives you the ability to write a family blog, upload photos, track milestones, and write stories.

ScrapBlog: going beyond sharing your photos and videos online, Scrapblog allows you to easily tell your stories and create beautiful multimedia scrapbooks, all online!

BabySpot: FaceBook for babies? You betchya! This site combines all of the precious memories you want to share with your family all into one place. They even have online chat where you can connect with other parents around the country.